Copywriting that Sells Technology for Seniors

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If you want to increase your market share in assistive technology designed for seniors,  I can assist you.

As a copywriter, I help B2B firms by writing white papers about assistive technology for use by seniors. These reports can generate leads and increase sales. They can also enhance the reputation of your business.

As a caregiver, I’ve used some of your products to help my parents at home. As a senior person, still fresh from those experiences, I want to buy some more assistive devices to enable me to age in place.

In writing for you, as a potential customer,  the needs of the consumer will be reflected in your reports and in-house copies. 

With so many areas of daily living, there  is a great number of products for a white paper. Many choices can increase the workload in creating successful reports. The right white paper, carefully crafted,  can be an agent for change as well as growth.    What’s in a name?  shows the way to  winning with white papers.

Would you like a white paper but your marketing department cannot find the time?

I can help you choose a topic for the white paper or business report.

The value of reports or white papers is undermined when there is not a wide circulation to the targeted audience.  I can write the emails, blogs or newsletters you require to promote any report for  maximum impact.

A critique of in-house copy is a service that many companies find profitable. I’ll be happy to support you.

Marketing devices for seniors to other businesses or directly to your elderly consumers is not associated with glamour or excitement. Benefits and emotions matter a lot. Having some one who understands the importance of your message matching the needs of your market will increase your profitability.

I know first hand the difference that an assistive device can make to the senior and their caregivers. So I am committed to increase knowledge and use of these devices.

I am offering a free half an hour consultation with you to discuss a proposal for a white paper

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About Verbieann

Her parents were excited. Their eldest was going off to school. In this South American country, she had to have the uniforms and the required schoolbooks. Her father was frustrated because he also had to buy a reading book. “I’m wasting my money. She doesn’t need it”  His wife looked bemused: Are you telling the school what to do already?

Oh no, it’s not that! It’s a waste of money because she can read! Decades later, she remembers the gasps of the grownups. The father opened the book, turned randomly to a page and gave to his daughter with the injunction: READ!

London is a city on the banks of the Thames. She was five years old. Her love affair with London was born.

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What Others Say about Verbieann

Verbieann Hardy has a gift with words. For many years we were in a writer’s group together and I always knew to expect exemplary work from her. Her use of language is poetic, arresting, and creatively convincing.

Laura J. Boggess


Verbieann is indeed a multitalented, creative person. She has a gift with words and can transform a project or a document by her unique magic into a winner.

Dr Rajeev Banhatt

MD, FRCPsych

She always says the right things in the right manner, choosing the appropriate way to express herself. I highly regard this wonderful, genteel lady!

Dr Dana Poisal.

As a volunteer non-profit, faith based grant writer.

Verbieann is very knowledgeable on processes and procedures. And always eager to assist.  She is someone I can always count on!  She is a gifted written communicator and we at Jordan’s Lighthouse are blessed to have her

Delainie Hale,

CEO Jordan’s Lighthouse Ministries

I have great respect for Verbieann and feel that she would be an asset to any organization.  I have never been around such a positive, non-judgmental person that always seem to find the good in every situation.  She looks at people/things/situations differently than most and always seem to find something positive.

 What I love about her is she is very dedicated.  She loves to write and I believe whatever she sets out to accomplish, she will conquer because she will most definitely give it her all.

Angela K. Dobson

Kanawha Institute for Social Research & Action, Inc. (KISRA)

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